Ofrecemos la posibilidad de autoexclusión por un período de 6 meses. Una vez que
el proceso
de autoexclusión ha iniciado, la cuenta permanecerá cerrada sin posibilidad de volver a
abrirla hasta que el plazo fijado expire.

Durante el período de autoexclusión, haremos todo lo posible para evitar que el
abra nuevas
cuentas. Las cuentas cerradas debido a
otras razones no relacionadas con problemas con el juego pueden ser reabiertas en cualquier
momento después de la petición del cliente.

Si desea utilizar este servicio o si desea más información, por favor póngase en
con nosotros y
uno de nuestros representantes
estará encantado de ayudarle.


It is our responsibility to ensure that all of our customers are provided a safe and
secure gaming
experience with the help of a fully trained staff that can spot signs of gambling addiction and
how to
help and protect our members with these problems.

To assist our players in playing responsibly, we provide a selection of options:

  • Account and gambling limits.
  • Time out periods.
  • Selfexclusion periods.
  • Customer Support available 24/7.
  • Custom tools to help you manage your casino action.
  • Direct links to responsible gambling organizations.
  • Gambling Management Tools

We understand that, at times, it can be difficult for you to control your gambling.
Using our different
gambling management tools, we have you covered. In a few easy steps, contact our customer
support team,
and you can set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits to protect you from a gambling problem.

Please note:
For the protection of our players, we give the option to limit your balance. At any time, with
the help of our customer support team, you can increase or decrease your limit. An increase in
can take up to 24 hours to be completed.
When limits are created, it is up to the player to follow them.
Players should stick to the limits they set and not create another account in order to get
around these
limits. We are not responsible for any losses outside of limits set by players.

Access Control Level 1 – Time Out Period
Sometimes you simply need time away, and we offer a time-out period ranging from 24 hours to 6
where you can have the customer support team temporarily freeze your account.

Access Control Level 2 – Selfexclusion
If you need more than simply a time out, you are able to block yourself from your account for a
larger period of time. Our selfexclusion period allows customer support to block you from
your account for a minimum of six months to 5 years.
Following the selfexclusion time period, players will need to contact customer support in order
to reopen their account. Selfexcluded accounts will be reopened 24 hours after the request is

Please note:
When you freeze or exclude yourself from your account, it is the player’s responsibility not to
reopen the account. Please contact customer support if you are able to access your account while
it is closed.